Auckland Airport Bus Hire

While this article is about Auckland Airport bus hire, it also covers other transportation options that might better meet your needs.  

If you have a large group we recommend that you hire a bus through us.  The bus will be ready and waiting for your group when you land and will take the stress out of your trip.  They will take you on a short trip or a long one, whatever you require.  If you have a self led tour, we can provide you a coach with a driver for your tour.  You decide on where to go and when to go and we will take you there.  This can be a much more cost effective way to travel than other methods.

Transport Options from Auckland International airport

Auckland airport is about a 20 minute drive or 5 hour walk from the central city.  While it may do you some good and save you some cash to take a long walk after a long flight, it is not often the choice that travellers take.  

There are many ways to get from the Airport.  If you are travelling by yourself we recommend that you take one of the shuttle buses to town.  They have a booth that you can get a ticket from and they will take you all the way into town. 

If there is more than one of you, you can take an Uber or a taxi to your location.  It will probably set you back $30 – $80, depending on a number of factors.  

Having a medium size group, you can book a minivan and use that for your transport needs in NZ.  There are many companies in NZ that cater for this.  Or you can hire a minibus (under 25 passengers) or a larger bus (up to 53 passengers) for the trip.  These come with a driver take will shuttle you around from location to location.  

For a school event we can provide a bus for your class at a very affordable price.

If you are taking a domestic flight, you can walk between the international and domestic terminals in about 10 minutes. 

Transfers to Hotels

Most hotels will provide a shuttle service from the airport to the hotel.  When you are booking your hotel, ask the agent if they provide a shuttle service, and if they do, let them know the time of your flight and they will provide a service for you. 

Auckland Airport Bus Timetable

Skybus provides a regular trip between Auckland City and the Airport.  The cost of these tickets are $15.  However this has been suspended due to Covid.  Once the restrictions have been lifted this service will start to operate again.

Intercity provides trips between the Airport and Hamilton and Auckland City.  Buses are available to go all across the north island.  Note that they run on a certain schedule and stop at many places along the way.

Airportlink is a bus service that will take you from the airport to different locations in south auckland such as train stations so you can continue your onward journey. 

Auckland Airport Shuttle Bus

As mentioned above Skybus is the most popular shuttle bus for individuals or small groups, but is currently shut down.  


If you have a bigger group that needs transportation we can shuttle them between the airport and the event.  It is a very cost effective and sustainable way of transportation.