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Wellington Bus Hire

Wellington Bus Hire Rentabus provides coaches and buses throughout the greater Wellington area and beyond. We make hiring a bus in Wellington simple. Our customers get the right vehicle for their trip and budget. We pride ourselves on our remarkable customer service and unremarkable driving (nothing should go wrong to distract from the day). We’ve […]


Brighton Beach Bus Hire

Christchurch Bus Hire Our company charters buses and coaches that travel all across Christchurch. With a wide range of available vehicles to pick from, your Christchurch bus hire will give you a pleasant and memorable experience. Whether you are interested in a short trip across town or a multi-day expedition across the country, a ski […]

Bus Hire Auckland

Auckland Bus Hire

Auckland Bus Hire Rentabus provides buses and coaches throughout the Auckland region. We make hiring a bus in Auckland as simple and straightforward as possible to allow you to focus on the destination. If you are looking for a bus to hire in Auckland then you have come to the right place. Spend 30 seconds […]