Christchurch Airport Bus Hire Guide

Once you’ve arrived at the airport the real adventure begins: getting to your end destination. If you’re a frequent traveller, you know this can be quite a challenge. Especially if your location is in a remote place. Want to make it easier for yourself? Then read this guide for bus hire for Christchurch Airport!

About the airport in Christchurch

Christchurch airport has a lot to offer to travellers, from many shops and attractions to services and general airport information. Below are some important points highlighted to know for any arriving traveller:


Taxis are located at International Arrivals, you’ll need to exit through Door 7. Prices can vary with each taxi company, so we advise asking for an estimated price to your end destination before leaving.

Public transport

You can get from the airport to the city centre and lots of other places around Christchurch using public transportation. Buses depart from the northern end of International Arrivals, next to the Novotel hotel; you’ll see it right after you exit through Door 9.

Car hire and shuttle bus

You can hire a car or other vehicles on a pre-booked or walk-up basis at the airport. Walking up to the desk is always possible of course, but if you want to be sure there’s a car available for you we advise pre-booking.

But just in case you can’t hire a car at the airport: there are also several additional vehicle rental options located around Christchurch, which provide courtesy transfer shuttles to and from the airport for their customers. You can find the rental car services outside Door 2.  

Getting from the airport to your destination is easy, with taxis and shuttle service at the door. It takes approximately 15-20 minutes to drive from the airport to the city centre. There are several shuttle buses you can take to and from the city centre, so there are more than plenty of options to get where you need to get.

Currency exchange

If you’re coming from outside of the country it can be very useful to know where to exchange money in your currency. The airport has a Travelex outlet as well as multiple ATMs.

WiFi and charging stations

Internet is one of those things you need when travelling nowadays. You can even argue that it’s more essential than a toothbrush (you can always buy those somewhere, right?). Christchurch Airport has you covered with a free WiFi connection all across the airport.

Working, or need to reach someone, and your device is running out of juice? No need for worrying, there are several charging stations located across the terminal.

Airline lounges

Airport lounges are a great place to take in the surrounding views, work or relax in a quiet setting, and enjoy some refreshments before you fly. Or recover from a long flight you and/or your group just got off. At Christchurch Airport there are four welcoming and well-appointed lounges – three Air New Zealand Lounges, and the independent Manaia Lounge.

Do I need to charter a bus to or from Christchurch Airport?

While we don’t want to undersell ourselves, of course, we have to be honest and mention that charter buses are not practical for every group. But if you’re travelling with a large group, for example, a bachelor party, a company getaway or a wedding, it can be a very practical solution to get everyone from A to Z easily. And if you’re organising an event, getting all your guests to the end destination can be an even bigger headache. Charter buses can offer a very practical and time-saving solution in these cases. Charter buses are also a great option if your group needs a flexible schedule, or has to get to a destination in a very remote or otherwise hard to reach place in the country.

Are you travelling alone, with a small group and is your destination easily reachable? Then save yourself the costs and time, and just get a taxi or take public transportation to get to your end destination.

How far in advance should you book your transportation from the airport?

Transportation is something you often have to organise, it’s just a part of travelling with a group. If you’re organising for example a school trip to Christchurch, the smartest thing to do (in our opinion of course) is to arrange this as far in advance as possible. Are you looking for someone to transport you and/or your group from Christchurch to any location in the country? Or are you stuck, and looking for an emergency solution? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re glad to help.

Different kinds of charter buses

Charter buses come in many different shapes and sizes and depending on the size of your group a certain bus might be a better match. The different buses also come with different extras. And the total cost for the bus depends on the bus size, extras booked, gas price, time of year and how far you’ll be travelling.  We listed the different types of buses down below.

Large Coaches

Larger Coaches are suited for groups of up to 55 passengers. The coach bus has the most luxurious options out of all buses, this includes TV/DVD, air conditioning, WiFi, and electric sockets to charge your devices. There is also room to store luggage and there’s a toilet on board if you’re travelling a longer distance.

Medium Coaches

Smaller than a large coach, but still has a capacity of up to 40 passengers. It’s almost the same as the large coach bus, except that some of the medium types don’t have a restroom on board. If you want to be sure that there is, please ask us before booking.


Minibuses have room for up to 21 passengers. Typically we don’t advise this model for long trips, but it is great for shuttle services or other shorter distances, especially to urban areas. This type is especially popular to transport wedding guests to and from the reception and/or ceremony, or for company trips or conference venues.

When is the best time of the year to visit Christchurch?

The best time to visit Christchurch is during summer, which is from December to March. In these months you can expect bright and sunny weather with temperatures of 16°C to 24°C. Ideal for outdoor activities, or a day at the beach.

However, the regions beautiful and varied landscapes make it a great part of the country to visit at any time of the year.

We hope this quick guide to Christchurch Airport bus hire made getting from Christchurch Airport to your end destination a lot easier! Still need some help, or looking for a company that can arrange transportation? Our variety of buses can transport you to any part of New Zealand, even if you’re south of Invercargill or north of Whangarei.