Dunedin Airport Bus Hire

Transportation options from Dunedin Airport

Also known to many as the Momona airport, Dunedin airport is located in a southland farming area of the Otago region just 22km west of Dunedin city centre. The Dunedin airport has café’s available for meals and coffees or even a treat to take with you on your bus trip to the city. Equipped with an arcade for entertainment for the kids while you wait. We want to offer you the best possible experience for your travel to and from the airport. Which is why we have a range of options for you to choose from that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.  If you are coming from Stewart Island, or Australia this article will help you find the best way to get into the city.

Taxi and Uber

Taxi and Uber services are available and are useful for those who don’t want to book ahead and would rather call up upon arrival time to secure a ride. Uber is great for those who want to know exactly where there driver is and what time they are going to arrive. You are also able to choose if you’d like a van or smaller car. There are many taxi services to choose from that will take you from your flight to your door.

Airport Shuttle

Airport shuttles are a great option for those who want a cheaper airport transport as it is a shared ride. If you are a student in the university you will be able to get a student discount through the website. There are trailers for luggage to store all your belongings safely while you travel to your desired destination.

Group transportation from Dunedin Airport

Budget bus:

Our budget vehicles are great for those people traveling in groups who need to make room in their budget to spend on other activities. We choose a city bus or school bus depending on your needs. Budget coaches are often over 18 years of age but still meet safety needs without skimping on cleanliness. These buses prioritise affordability yet still get the job done quick and efficiently.

Standard bus:

Our standard coaches are suited for those who want a little more comfort, while still remaining affordable. They come with tinted windows and curtains which are perfect for having a nap to and from the airport. Luggage racks for convenience on your ride, with overhead lights for reading. Airconditioning for the hot afternoons and heating for the early morning flights. The coaches are generally between 8 and 18 years old, a great median if you are undecided on choosing which bus class to go with.

Luxury bus:

Our Luxury coaches provide a full VIP experience with their cushioned reclining seats and individual AC. There are large panoramic windows with a courier seat and microphone on board for those who want to have a tour like experience straight from the airport. There are also additional luxuries that can be requested such as TV screens, fridges and toilets. Luxury coaches are less than 7 years old and work well for people traveling from the airport and beyond. Whether it be for a wedding, corporate events or a scenic tour.

So if you have a group flying into Dunedin Airport we are here to help you get into the city.  Simply fill out our quoting form for a free no obligation quote.