School Bus Hire Auckland

Whether you are taking a group of kids on a trip from Sacred Heart College or Epson Girls a bus is a great way to transport them.  Buses are economical, safe and a sustainable way of transportation.  You can fit the whole class on one bus, reducing the likelihood of kids being lost, or going on their own adventures.  The worse thing for a teacher is kids getting lost along the way.  This can not only derail an outing, but worse could be dangerous for the kids in travelling with strangers or getting lost or left behind someone along the trip.  A bus mitigates most of these issues and is a great way to move your group to it’s field trip or sports event.  Contact us for a price on your next bus hire.

School bus hire prices

When hiring a bus for your trip from us please mention that you are using it for a school trip.  We are able to provide you discounted pricing for school trips.  The pricing can be significantly cheaper.  

In addition to this if you have a regular route (school run) then we can provide you very good pricing for this route.  Please contact us through our form and we will get you the right bus and price for your trip or school route.

Bus type recommendations for schools

For most school trips we recommend that you use a city bus or school bus type of bus, rather than a coach.  Coaches are often used for longer trip or for trips such as transporting wedding guests.  With these you can often have standing room and can fit more kids on the bench type seats.  They are also more economical and easier to clean than the coach type of buses.  Just say you are having a meet up between Rangitoto Collage and King’s Collage, you would want to use a number of school type buses for these type of trips.  Buses are a great way to transport kids as you can fit many kids on one bus.

For trips for the first fifteen rugby team, or other sports teams, you may want to book a coach for the extra gear that they are needing to take on the bus.  Also if it is a longer trip the team will arrive more refreshed than on a budget school bus.  Even as a young boy I still remember Auckland Grammer rugby team turning up to my school in a coach type bus, rather than a school bus.  Maybe that is why they were so successful in those days.

Field trips in Auckland

Auckland Zoo

For an interesting experience out don’t go past Auckland Zoo for your primary school kids.  There is so much to learn for the kids and, being positioned close to the centre of Auckland it is a reasonably easy place to get to for all your students. 

Goat Island

Take the kids to Goat island to enjoy the marine reserve.  It’s a great place for ones to see nature and get an appreciation of nature close up.  Make sure the kids bring their togs, sunscreen and snorkel gear on the trip. 

Mangare Mountain field trip

Get close up and personal with one of the many Auckland volcanoes.  The kids will enjoy running over the mountain and exploring all the aspects of what this mountain holds.  It’s great for a school trip for those who live in south auckland.

Devonport Navel base and Hill

This one is personal for me as I enjoyed exploring the old navel base at devonport and the tunnels and fortifications on the hill.  Also take some cardboard and use it to slide down the hill.  It can be a great day out.  Have lunch at the Devonport beach and organise a sandcastle building competition. 

If your trip includes a flight check out our Airport bus guide.