Team Activities in Dunedin

Team Building is a great way to improve relationships between colleagues or even a group of friends, increasing their trust and ability to communicate. It focuses on bringing people together or allowing them to work together for a common goal. Team activities can range from physical tasks, those based on problem-solving and logic, or simply focus on a shared experience. The area of Dunedin is packed full of team activities. Let’s take a look at some of our favourites:

Dunedin Prison Escape Room

If you are looking for an activity that will require you to truly work together as a team, look no further than an escape room, where you need to band together to solve a series of clues. One of the most interesting escape rooms in the Dunedin area has to be Dunedin Prison. Set in a retired prison, originally built in 1896, the building is the perfect environment for your team to break out of.

For teams, the prison offers three main escape room options. Choose between trying to save the world from missile strikes during the Cold War, breaking out of a prison during WW1, or discovering the origin of a deadly outbreak.

Escape rooms are great team activities as they help develop communication skills between team members, as well as boosting productivity levels, and increasing problem-solving.

Zorb Soccer Otago

If you are looking for a more physical team building activity that is a little different, why not try zorbing? Zorb balls are made from a transparent plastic that is inflated so that you can climb inside them and roll yourself around.

Zorb Soccer, located at the Edgar Centre in Dunedin, is the perfect place to take your team to, where they can split into groups and work together to play soccer while inside a giant zorb that covers the main section of your body. The zorbs themselves add a layer of protection and are safe to use and have fun with – not to mention the fact that they offer great photo opportunities!

What could be better than running around and smashing against your teammates while playing some soccer?

GPS Amazing Race

Why not invite a company to your business to host a team-building day for you? GPS Amazing Race does this in locations across New Zealand (although there is a 15% surcharge to get to Dunedin).

For this activity, your team will split into groups to face off against each other in a competition that lasts up to 2 and a half hours. Each team is given iPads with a state of the art, high-tech GPS app that you use to explore Dunedin. Teams will need to use the iPads to navigate their location until they reach a series of checkpoints with the help of hidden clues and directions.

Before exploring your area, your team will be briefed on their challenge and then told to find the checkpoints along the route. To complete this, teams will need to communicate effectively, plan together and think creatively to come out on top. Each individual checkpoint will have challenges where your team will be asked to take photos, answer questions, or interact with people in the area. Your task or answers from each checkpoint are sent via the app to the team at Amazing Race as you go through the course.  At the end of the team building day, there is a prize-giving for the winning team (prizes are dependent on your budget). 

The goal of the amazing race is to promote strategic thinking and improve communication skills within your team through fun competition that everyone will enjoy. The day can be customised for your business and includes a slideshow at the end, made up of pictures of your team from the event for you to enjoy. Food and drink can also be built-in at an extra cost, meaning that you can further personalise the day for your group.

River Ridge Retreat

If you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Dunedin and take your team to a place where they can escape, recharge, and bond, look no further than the River Ridge Retreat. Only around 1 hour and 30 minutes from Dunedin, the retreat hosts a number of team building days, where participants can work together to complete a number of different creative stations where they develop new skills and learn how to better communicate. Staff at the River Ridge Retreat are there to help facilitate your team activities and ensure you have a great day.

On top of this, the retreat has both paintballing and clay target shooting to get involved in, meaning that your team building day can be action-packed from start to finish. Getting to the retreat is easy with Rentabus bus hire in Dunedin, who can transport you to and from the location.

Leap Trampoline Park

Leap Trampoline Park in Dunedin is great for team building activities as well as Christmas parties or other events. The activities during the day can be themed around goals such as teamwork or competition, with Leap working with companies to organise an event that suits their individual needs.

The Leaps arena has a large expanse of interconnected trampolines, as well as an angled trampoline wall, dodgeball, and slam dunk basketball, giving you plenty of choices when it comes to your team building activities.

Smaller teams can take over one section of the trampoline park, while groups of over 15 can hire out the whole complex for a more exclusive event. If this is the case, meetings can also be held on site, or external catering can be arranged.

Megazone Dunedin

Why not visit Megazone Dunedin, where your team can take part in a number of expertly designed activities while eating and drinking until your heart is content – but perhaps just leave the eating until after you run around!

Megazone is home to a number of activities, including laser tag, mini-golf, retro arcade games, virtual reality, and a game store. In between games, your team can snack on the food from the in-house gourmet kitchen or, if your team building goes into the night, visit their cocktail bar. Workplace team building packages are available on-demand and can be personalised to suit your team’s individual needs and budget. You never know, if this is popular, it could become a work party tradition for years to come.

Southern Skies Stargazing

For something totally different, why not take advantage of the beautiful skies around Dunedin and head out in the evening to bond as a team under the stars. Dunedin’s Otago Peninsula is one of the best locations in the country for this, where, under the right conditions, you may even be able to see the stunning Aurora Australis (Southern Lights). Throughout the journey, you will hear the sounds of the local birds, as well as learn about the stories and songs of the Maori’s traditions around the night sky. Find out more about the different constellations above you and have a go at taking a closer look above through the telescope. Part of the package includes a hot drink and food under the stars while taking in what our universe has to offer – a different team building experience, but definitely one that you will remember forever.

To Conclude

Team activities are a great way to strengthen relationships and make great memories at the same time. While some activities may be located outside of Dunedin city centre, hiring a bus for your team could not be easier. We cover the whole of southland.  With Rentabus Dunedin, we can transport you to and from your team-building event and even stop off wherever you need along the way. Why not contact Rentabus today for a free, no-obligation quote to help you get started? We can’t wait to hear from you.