Wedding transport Auckland

There are plenty of options for Wedding transportation in Auckland.  In this article we try to answer the question of the commonly searched term “wedding transport auckland”.  We have broken it down into two areas; the first area is for the guests and the second for the bridal party.  We hope you find this useful.

Wedding Guest Transportation Auckland

A bus is probably the easiest way to shuttle your weddings guests to and from the venue.  Buses have high capacity, therefore they don’t cost that much per passenger compared to other options.  Often guests will drink at the venue and not having a safe way for them to return home can be disastrous.  A bus provides that safety and makes it easier for the guest to enjoy themselves at the location.  You have the option of choosing a coach or a school bus.  A school bus will provide for greater capacity, but are not as comfortable as a coach.

When booking a bus for your guest I recommend that you do the following:

1. Communicate to the guest on the transportation options available and what you recommend.

2. Book the bus early to make sure you get a good price. The closer to the time the more expensive the bus will tend to be. 

3.  Make sure you have enough seats for your passengers. 

4.  Have multiple shuttle runs. Often guest want to leave at different times, so book a smaller bus and run it multiple times, rather than having a large bus just being run once. 

At rentabus we work hard to make the transportation of your guest a success. If you want a price for a bus you can check out our pricing guide with some examples or if you want an accurate free quote, just fill out the form and we will get back to you very quickly.

Luxury Wedding Cars Auckland

There are some beautiful luxury wedding cars available for your special day.  You can go old fashion (1920 beauties) to the latest and greatest muscle or luxury car.  Make your day extra special by renting a luxury car for the day.  There are companies that provide luxury cars with drivers for your wedding day, and have clear contracts that they will stand by.  Or you can go private and go to a car meet and talk to some of those at the meet to see if someone will take you in their car for your special day.  The prices can vary, but if you go with a company expect to pay about $400 for the service.  To save on cost the main person is the bride, so give her the best and take taxis for the rest.  Also remember it is important to book these in advance as they have a limited supply and you may not be able to get the wedding car you want for your special day.  

There are so many options available, common ones are limos, jags, and classic limos.  But if you want to save a bit of cost you can always just hire a nice car that you can also take on your honeymoon.