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Why use our Bus Rental service?

Our goal with our bus rental service is to match you with the perfect bus. We have a database of over 120 bus suppliers that have a large variety of buses catering for different purposes. It is time-consuming and difficult for individuals to find the right bus to meet their needs. We know buses and specialise in matching you to the perfect bus. We do the linking, ensuring that you get the right bus for the right price at the right time. We don’t simply find you cheapest bus, but we understand your requirements to find you the right bus.  

New Zealand has limited options for group transportation. The train and public transportation options are not well established in New Zealand compared to Europe and Asia. Instead, large groups rely on chartered buses to get them between destinations. Buses can reach nearly any part of New Zealand. We can find the perfect bus no matter if you’re in the lowest point of the South Island to the highest in the North Island. People rent buses for all sorts of reasons; business events, weddings, rugby games, educational trips, and not least at all to see our beautiful countryside.  

New Zealand is, without a doubt, the most scenic country anywhere in the world. The privilege to travel throughout New Zealand is one that is enjoyed by many and never forgotten. Most visitors to New Zealand return time after time to enjoy its fantastic attractions, warm and welcoming atmosphere, and its friendly locals. New Zealand is incredibly diverse with its breathtaking mountain ranges, valleys caused by ancient glaciers, fertile agricultural regions, and picturesque lakes and beaches. All of this makes renting a bus in New Zealand one of the most popular ways to see this magnificent country’s attractions. Why not see New Zealand with your family, your group, or your team in your way, at your own pace. If you are looking to arrange a tour, we are the ideal company to help you. Traditional tours try to cater to everyone, which ends up truly satisfying no one. If you are a big group, it is more cost-effective to rent with us, and you will enjoy a better experience going where it suits you. 

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We don't just operate in one city, we operate across New Zealand. Wherever you are or whatever you need we can meet.

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