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Bus Hire NZ

New Zealand has limited options for group transportation.

New Zealand does not have the same public transport infrastructure as in North America and Europe. There is not a highly functioning rail network. Instead, large groups rely on chartered buses to get them between destinations. Our wide variety of buses will transport you to any part of New Zealand, even if you’re south of Invercargill or north of Whangarei.

New Zealand is the most scenic country anywhere in the world.

New Zealand is incredibly diverse with its breathtaking mountain ranges, valleys formed by ancient glaciers, fertile agricultural regions, and picturesque lakes and beaches. All of this makes renting a bus in New Zealand, one of the most popular ways to see this magnificent country’s attractions. Why not see New Zealand with your family, your group, or your team in your way, at your own pace?

Bus Hire NZ
Bus Hire for Weddings

The perfect bus for every occasion!

There are many reasons to travel New Zealand. Perhaps you wish to charter a bus around the country with a tour group. Maybe you need a vehicle to shuttle your guests to our wedding. Or you might be looking for someone to drive your sports team to and from their next important away game. Whatever your reason, we have the expertise and the vehicles to get you where you need, when you need.

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