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Seniors Group Bus Hire

Get the comfortable, safe, convenient professional transportation needed for a wide variety of group activities.

Now you can take your senior group on fun day trips to fairs, festivals, concerts, parks, scenic natural sites, museums, education events and much more.

We provide modern bus transportation that makes life much richer and more enjoyable for seniors. Our buses are easy to board, have comfortable seats, can easily carry backpacks and luggage, and feature upgraded features everyone enjoys.

Spend Your Trip Talking With Friends, Enjoying Conversation, and Relaxing

It’s much easier when you leave the driving to our safe, highly qualified professional bus operators.
Senior bus trips are safe and worry free. It’s easy to book your bus transportation. Whether you need one bus for a small group or several buses to transport larger groups or multiple parties, we can provide the right bus transportation when and where you want it.

Seniors Group Bus Hire
Seniors Bus Hire activity

Freedom to Travel in Comfort

Charter bus transportation is the perfect solution for short or long trips when seniors want to travel together. This is a lot easier than organising multiple private cars to take a group. Everyone can stay together, enjoy conversation, arrive at the same time, and do so safely and at less total expense.

Our Senior Trip Bus Rental is Perfect For:

  • Senior living facilities
  • Social groups
  • Retired groups
  • Rest homes
  • Religious groups
  • Civic organizations
  • Education programs..and MUCH MORE!


We give seniors the opportunity to see more and do more without the limitations of personal travel. Now you can take the entire group to see events and places of interest in complete comfort and safety.

Senior Trips Bus Rental

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