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Vehicle Classes

Rentabus offers three vehicle classes you can select from when booking your vehicle. They are Budget, Standard and Luxury. We detail below what you can expect from each vehicle class so you can make an informed decision.

Important Note: Vehicles vary from depot to depot across New Zealand, so the vehicle you get on the day might look different from the images below. They are illustrative only, put there to give you an understanding of what a typical vehicle of that class looks like.

The table on the right outlines the type, age and minimum required features for each class for vehicles 25 seats and above. These are minimum requirements. It is likely that lower classes include features of higher classes, but are older or miss one specific feature, which drops it down a class.

Bus Class Details

Budget Vehicles

When cost is a concern, budget bus hire is the affordable way to get your group from A to B. Without compromising on safety and comfort, these vehicles are perfect for short city trips, with fewer added frills and amenities. Budget coaches are over 18 years of age and selected for safety, cleanliness, and affordability, rather than state-of-the-art amenities. Depending on your needs, you might also be allocated a school or city bus, which are still classed as budget even if they are brand new.  Below are some illustrative images of budget vehicles.

Budget Bus Large
Bus Classes Budget
Standard Coaches

Standard Coaches

Standard coach hire is the most versatile vehicle solution. Between 8 and 18 years of age (still young in coach years!), this class of coaches is best suited to those who require a little added comfort for longer journeys or special occasions. Perfect for corporate events, private parties, and out-of-town trips, these mid-range vehicles come with a few little luxuries such as heating, air conditioning, a PA system, reading lights, luggage racks, tinted windows, and curtains or blinds.  Below are some illustrative images of standard coaches.

Luxury Coaches

In a class of their own, these vehicles offer the full VIP experience. Available in a range of sizes, luxury bus hire works well for weddings, executive events, and cross-country touring. All less than 7 years old, these buses take comfort to the next level, with cushioned reclining seats, individual AC, large panoramic windows, air suspension, trimmed baggage lockers, curtains, and reading lights. You’ll also find a courier seat with a microphone on board, while additional amenities (toilets, fridges, TV screens) can be added upon request.  Below are some illustrative images of luxury coaches.

Bus Class Luxury