vehicle classes
Luxury Bus

VIP and Luxury Coaches

VIP is the premier class of bus and coach offered, these vehicles are ideal for anyone wanting to travel in luxury.   When you select VIP and Luxury coaches we only provide you the best.  

The specifications of vehicles can vary.  Available features include TVs, Tables, Entertainment Systems, Air Conditioning, Hot and Cold drinks facilities, bathrooms and of course top quality seats.  These vehicles help you to get any journey off to the perfect start.

When booking this vehicle type please communicate with us any features that are required during the quote process as buses vary in what they provide.

Standard Bus

Standard Coaches

Our Standard class is ideal for any occasion, striking the perfect balance between comfort and value. Typically used for longer trips, tours and corporate transfers. 

While features may vary from vehicle to vehicle, they may include Air conditioning, Reclining seats, PA systems and leather or cloth seats. If any feature is a necessity, please indicate this during the quoting process so we can provide you with the perfect vehicle.

Standard Bus
Budget Bus

Budget Coaches

These are basic vehicles, ideal for the cost-conscious booker.  If you main goal is to get from point A to B with the lowest price in a clean basic bus then this is the service to book.   Our Budget class is ideal for everyday use including school journeys, club trips or shuttle services.

These standard vehicles are the most cost effective way to transport your group. Luggage capacity may be limited in these vehicles so confirm your luggage requirements during the quote process.