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Whether you’re coaching, playing, or supporting the team, enjoy the ride to your team’s next big event or game.

Are you traveling with a sports team? Rent a private bus for your next big game to ensure your players arrive on time, are well-rested, and worry-free. Going as a unit will not only guarantee the entire team gets to the field, but it allows the athletes and staff to bond and feel a sense of camaraderie. RentaBus private bus rentals for sports teams will ensure a great rider experience from pick-up to drop-off. Plus, our busses are comfortable and have amenities to prep your athletes for their best performance.


Benefits of Private Buses for Sports Teams:

  • Professional sports teams, university, high school, and primary sports teams can utilise a private bus to get from point A to point B.
  • Private buses are more organised than individual or public transportation.
  • The entire team, coaches, and staff are guaranteed to arrive on time to the field or stadium.
  • Comfortable seats so the athletes can rest up before they play.
  • Takes the hassle and stress out of organising transportation for multiple people.
  • A professional driver is on hand to make sure everyone arrives safely.
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Offering Something Extra For The Fans:

It’s not just sports teams who can benefit from renting a private bus. Are you organising a group of fans to travel together to watch their favorite team? Organise a coach for the fans so everyone can go along to the game. At most professional sports games, people will enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two. Ensure no one is drinking and driving by renting a bus for a large group of fans. A private coach isn’t only fun; it’s the safest and most convenient way each sports fan arrives and leaves the game safely.


Planning the Best Bus Transportation for Your Sports Team:

It doesn’t matter if the game is down the street or hours out of town, our sports bus rentals ensure the entire team will arrive safely. RentaBus prioritises safety and convenience, delivering reliable transportation for sports teams. Contact RentaBus today to get a free quote and book a private bus for your sports team.


When Do I Need to Book a Private Bus for My Sports Team?

It’s always best to book a bus as far in advance as you can. Once you get the game schedule for the season, it’s best to contact us then. Most companies will charge an extra fee if you need to book a bus on short notice. The good thing about organised sporting events is that they usually don’t have any hiccups in the schedules. Organising a coach for your sports team is easy, cost-effective, and convenient with RentaBus.

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