Bus Hire Prices | Minibus and Coach Hire Pricing Guide for New Zealand

  • ‘How much does it cost to rent a bus’  is one of the most asked bus-related questions online. While there is no single dollar amount that applies to all jobs, on the following page we will do our best to delve into some of the main factors that will dictate your bus hire price. We will also discuss how to save money on your bus rental to make sure you are getting the best value for your money. On our pricing location pages, we provide some charter bus price examples. 

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The cost of a coach bus hire differs greatly based on a number of factors. The prices typically range from $500 – $2500, depending on trip distance, time and location of service. The simplest way to get an accurate quote is to use the online booking form to receive a quote quickly. When hiring a bus, there are certain factors that have an affect on the bus hire price. What’s the most important factor that affects the bus hire price? Distance and duration. How far you are going, how long the driver will be with your group and how long they spend driving back. In the section below we detail the most significant factors that impact how much it costs to charter a bus. 

  • Trip Distance and Duration

    • There are two significant costs that come into play when figuring out a bus rental price. The cost of the driver (hourly rate * no. of hours working) and the cost of the bus coach (petrol, maintenance, recouping the investment of buying the vehicle). A charter is where the driver is included in the cost.  All of our buses are charter trips, so come with a driver.  The rate of the driver is fairly consistent between bus companies but the costs of the vehicle will differ greatly depending on how fuel efficient it is, how large the bus is and age and quality of the coach.  

  • Number of Passengers and Desired Vehicle Quality

    • The cost of your bus hire price is greatly impacted by the type of vehicle you need. The cost to rent a minibus is cheaper than the cost to hire a 50 seater coach. Also if you are renting a coach for a wedding or important corporate event, the kind of bus you would prefer will differ from someone renting a bus for school kids to take them to a sports game. So keep this in mind when deciding what vehicle you would like and how many people will be joining.  Coaches provided a baggage hold and are typically nicer buses that are designed for long trips, while buses are what you travel on within the city, good for moving a number of people but not the most comfortable.  

  • Starting Location

    • The location that you are starting from also affects the bus hire price. If you are taking a trip in town and the bus depot location is nearby its going to be cheaper than if the bus has to drive 30 minutes to collect your group.  We work with a variety of suppliers to get you the closest coaches.   

  • Time of the year

    • The time of the year can also impact your bus rental price. In summer, people take more trips in the north island, in winter there are more buses doing ski runs. So keep in mind the time of year and if it’s peak tourist season there, knowing it may impact the coach hire cost. 

  • Drivers food & accommodation for long trips

    • If you are taking long day trips or multi day tours, the last factors to consider is the cost of the drivers food and accommodation. Sometimes it’s possible to provide accommodation for the driver yourselves if you get a group discount, this should be discussed with our customer service representatives.  

For trips that are booked more than 22 days away, you have 48 hours to cancel your booking at no cost. After this, the following terms apply. We offer 80% money back on cancelations made more than 7 days before the trip, 70% money back for cancelations between 7 and 4 days, 50% money back for cancelations between 4 days and 2 days. Unfortunately we cannot refund any money if a trip is cancelled less than 2 days away.  

If due to government regulations regarding Covid you are unable to take the bus trip we will provide you a full refund.  

For trips that are booked well in advance, you have the option to either pay a deposit (20%) or the full amount, we need to receive at least the deposit to secure your vehicle. If you only paid the deposit, you will be required to pay the remaining amount a couple of weeks before the departure date, For trips that are nearby, you may be asked to directly pay the full amount to reserve your vehicle.

What little tricks can you use to get a great bus hire price? We’ve compiled a few tips to ensure you secure a cheap bus rental. 

– Make sure you have a detailed itinerary from the start so you are not adding stops at the last minute.  

– Book you charter bus or minibus early. 

– Book the right sized bus or coach for your group.  Don’t book a full sized coach when all you need is a minibus

– Book the right vehicle class for your group. You probably don’t need a 5 star tour coach for a hens party. 

– If it’s a multi-day trip, check with your hotel or travel agent to see if you can get a cheap rates for the driver. 

– Book a return trip to the same starting location, to avoid extra driving. 

It’s always best to book as early as possible to make sure you get the cheapest bus hire possible. Supply and demand is the reason. As more buses getting booked for other events it may require bring extra temporary staff on or needing to settle for a larger more expensive vehicle then needed. That’s why we always recommend booking as early as possible to ensure you get your perfect vehicle and a good deal on your bus or minibus hire price.

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