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Wellington Bus Hire

Rentabus provides coaches and buses throughout the greater Wellington area and beyond. We make hiring a bus in Wellington simple. Our customers get the right vehicle for their trip and budget. We pride ourselves on our remarkable customer service and unremarkable driving (nothing should go wrong to distract from the day).  

We’ve helped thousands of Kiwis get around for weddings, Christmas parties, sports events, school trips and more. Moving people on small budget buses all the way up to luxury tour coaches. 

It takes barely 30 seconds to request a quote and be one step closer to ticking “book transport” from your to-do list. So what are you waiting for? Get a price for your next journey and if the price is right, we look forward to taking care of your friends, family, colleagues or team on their next trip. We’re waiting to hear from you!

Why Rentabus

Benefits of booking bus with Rentabus

Wellington Bus Hire FAQ

There are so many things to consider when hiring a bus in Wellington for the first time.  This articles helps to answer the common questions that people have in hiring a bus.

There are a number of factors that determine the Bus hire prices in Wellington. Number of passengers, the trip distance, date of your trip, the drivers time and many more. The simplest way is to spend 30 seconds to fill in your details above for a no obligation quote. We will price the jobs and get back you very quickly. Otherwise have a look at our pricing section below where you can see some example trips and the prices.

All of our buses come with drivers, so there is no need for you to find someone with the right license to drive the bus. Your team can just sit back and relaxing knowing that all your transportation requirements will be taken care of.

There is a big range and we work to match your trip with the perfect bus or coach. Depending on where you are travelling, the size of the group, the length of the trip, we will match you the right bus. Check out our vehicle classes page that helps you select whether a budget, standard or luxury vehicle is the right one.

It much easier to secure a bus earlier than late. Buses are often booked out when event or festivals are on, so if your trip is likely to be on a busy date then we recommend you book early. You can often book a bus at the last minute if payment can be provided in a timely fashion.

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Bus Hire Pricing in Wellington

The most common questions people have for us is “what is the cost to hire a bus in Wellington?” Below we help you get an understanding of that and the factors that come into play when getting a price for a bus. If you want a no obligation quote from us just spend 30 seconds to fill out our quote form above and we will get back to you asap.
The cost to hire a bus various significantly based on a number of factors. You can get very cheap bus hire to luxury coach hire in Wellington. The buses can be like what you would remember in your school days, all the way to a bus that is designed for comfort with many amenities. Other factors that influence is the length of the trip, the wait time for the driver, the size of the bus and the time of year. There are too many factors to put to list here, but to help you get a general understanding I have listed two trips that we ran in 2021 that can help give you an idea on pricing.

Christmas Party Trip

The trip picks up the team at 10:30am on Friday morning and takes them to an address in Naenae. The bus then returns at 3:30pm to take them from Naenae back into the central city. The total number of passengers is 40 with a total distance of 39km. The price covers all expenses such as the drivers time, petrol and insurance etc. The total cost for this trip on a budget bus is $756. This would keep the whole team together and make sure that their is no problem with any of them drinking at the venue in Naenae and having to drive themselves home.

Transporting Wedding Guests

This is a short one way trip to transport 45 Wedding guests from Eastborne to Sunshine Bay. The trip will pick up the guests on a Saturday at 3:45pm and take them a few km down the road to the wedding location in Sunshine Bay. There are 45 guests who will take this trip. The cost of the trip is $456 using a standard coach for the guest transportation.

Why Rentabus is rated the best bus booking company in New Zealand

Alix Walles
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Fantastic service! Very highly recommend. Were on time, with a very friendly driver, and were super flexible and onto it when we had to add on a last-minute extra stop. Thanks so much!
Katlin Hewlitt
Read More
Amazing service from enquiry to execution. Great pricing, fast response, excellent quality vehicles and lovely drivers ! Couldn't really ask for anything more
DeArne Leyson
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Great company, will be using them for all transport in the future.
Herewaina Tumahai
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We run a very well organised on schedule event and time is very crucial. Bus was on time if not earlier than expected which was great. Managing a group of 40 is very challenging at times, Kay made things so easy for me and we were super happy with the services.
Melanie Guy
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We hired Rentabus for my partners stag event. I booked over the phone with Kay, and she made it so easy. We received follow up emails confirming everything, and the week prior I made a last minute change, and it was hassle free

Wedding Bus Hire in Wellington

Do you want to tick off “Guest transportation” from your to-do list? With our simple quoting and booking system we can help you with that. We will get your guest to and from the wedding venue safely. Our professional service will take of your guest transportation needs for your wedding. For more detail on what you need to consider when booking a bus for a wedding check out our wedding page, or continue reading below.

There are so many things to consider when planning a wedding. Just to name a few you will need to choose the venue, the food served, the music that will be played, the outfits, and not to mention who you will be marrying. Let’s not forget the transportation. Let us at Rentabus take the stress of booking transportation for your wedding guest away from you, so you can focus on the more important parts of the wedding.

What is a wedding without your loved ones to share it with? And what is the best way to get your loved ones safely to and from the venue? We recommend chartering a bus for that. The bus can have multiple pick up and drop off times. It can also do multiple pick up to gather all your guests together. What are you waiting for, spend 30 seconds and we will get a quote for your next bus trip.

There are plenty of places to enjoy your last few nights of freedom in Wellington. Both in the central city and outside there are activities to enjoy with your mates. So how can you get to all these locations when you and your friends have had a bit too much to drink. A few options would be taking an Uber or booking a van and having a dedicated driver. However if you have more than a few friends consider a minibus or even a full sized bus. They come with a driver who can take you to all the locations you want.

Vehicle types and bus classes in Wellington

There are a number of different bus and coach types available for hire in Wellington. The minibuses typically hold up to 25 people, going above that you are looking at more of a larger bus, which can either be a school bus / city bus type, or a coach. The coaches are much more comfortable and are designed for longer trips or for those who are looking for comfort. You can get luxury type coaches which have all the bells and whistles for your trip. Have a look through the type of transport available through Rentabus.



Excellent for trips with small groups of people. Can be booked with just the basics or all the bells and whisles

City Bus

City Bus

If you want to just move people from one place to another over a short distance then this is the bus for you.



Designed for long trips with more comfortable seats and better views

Minibus Hire in Wellington

Minibuses are hired for smaller group or if you need to go to a place where a full sized bus struggles to drive. This is especially important in Wellington which is known for it’s narrow windey roads.

City Bus / School Bus in Wellington

If you have a large group that is travelling over a short distance and cost is important then a City Bus or School Bus is ideal. They are often used for shuttles where they go back and forth a number of times to pick up passengers. On short trips you can often fit more people on them as standing is allowed in certain situations.

Standard Coach

A coach is typically for those who are wanting to travel a longer distance and want a comfortable seat. You will sit higher than a city bus so you will get a better view when travelling. A great option that balances cost and comfort.

Luxury Coach

Hiring a luxury coach is great for those who want the best and want to impress. They are a late model coach which has many more amenities that older coaches.

Wellington Airport Shuttle and Charter Buses

The Wellington airport is located east of the city in a suburb called Rongotai. It caters for international and domestic flights. If you are landing in Wellington with a group you will most likely need to travel into the City Centre by taxi or bus. If your group is around 20 people hire a minibus to bring your whole group together to your accommodation in the central city. If you hire a bus from us we will be ready and waiting for you, making the trip comfortable and as low risk as possible. If you are going further afield or have a larger group you can hire a coach for a more comfortable trip.

If you are keen to keep your team together then hire a bus and we will ensure your whole group is able to travel together to your hotel or place of meeting. There is also a regular shuttle bus that travels from Wellington into the City, which if you are under 20 passengers and don’t find waiting would possibly be the most cost effective option. However above 20 passengers it can be more cost effective hiring your own bus. The trip is not long, only about 10 – 15 minutes to the centre of town.

If you are trying to catch a flight with a group or are arriving in Wellington after a long flight then charter a bus to take care of your groups transport needs. You will get a friendly driver who will take you to your destination with no stress. We look forward to working with you.

Free places to visit in Wellington

The greater Wellington area extends from the Kapiti coast across to Upper Hutt and down to the Lyall Bay on the south coast. Here are some locations to visit on your next trip to Wellington.

Weta Caves in Miramar

Peter Jackson has transformed this little suburb of Miramar into the Wellywood of New Zealand. You can visit Weta Caves for free or paid to go into an extended tour of their workshop.

Red Rocks via Island Bay

Check out the ruggard south coast of New Zealand. Just along from Island Bay you can walk down to the Red Rocks and interact with real, wild living seals. It's well worth the trip and great exercise.

Cuba Street in Te Aroha

Cuba street is a happening place. It's a great place to go with your mates, but also safe and family friendly. So many chic eating places and interesting things to see. Definitely the coolest street in New Zealand.

Mt Victoria lookout via Oriental Bay

Wellington is a hilly place that has many walks close to the central city. One of these is Mt Victoria. From the top you get a panoramic view across the city, the bay, the airport and many of Wellington suburbs.

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