About Us

Thanks for your interest in RentaBus. If you’ve made it to this page you’re probably wondering what drives RentaBus (pun intended), and what it would mean to as a customer.

We started RentaBus with a simple goal.

To allow customers to find the right bus at the right time for the right price.


At RentaBus we strive to make your booking process as simple as possible, while giving you the widest range of vehicles to choose from and offer it at a competitive price.  This means booking your next bus is super simple:

  1. Define your route
    Use one of booking input forms at the top of our home page, location pages or occassion pages. Simply enter your route, number of passagners and the time and dates.
  2. Select your bus
    You’ll then be taken to a page where you can choose from your vehicle class and add and optional extras that you want in your bus.
  3. Book
    Once you’ve finished the first two steps you’ll receive a personalised quote for your journey and you can book then and there from the email.

In addition to a quick and easy booking process we also offer the following benefits making your experience as magical as possible.

You are serviced by a wide range of vehicles located all over New Zealand.

We offer secure payment options. Your financial security is a big deal. Don’t be vulnerable and publish your credit card number via email or over the phone where it can easily be intercepted or overheard.

Our dedicated transport specialists are with you the whole way to make sure every detail is just right and your day goes smoothly.

We hope you can trust us with your business and look forward to making your next journey perfect.