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Bus Rental for Weddings

There is a lot to consider when organising any wedding. 

Don’t let your wedding day stories involve stressed and late guests which delayed to your big day. 

We’re here to help decide; 

  • whether you should hire a bus for your guests, 
  • which type of transport suits you, 
  • what is included
  • what information you need to do to make sure it runs smoothly. 


Do I even need to rent a bus? 

If you’ve invited the right guests, most of them should be adults (which means drivers license’), however, there are some situations where it’s good to handle things for the group. 

You should think about hiring a bus if one of these applies to your wedding:

  • There’s limited parking at the venue
  • You expect that your guests will be drinking and want them to arrive home safely
  • The venue is a medium-long drive from the hotel
  • You have out of town guests
  • The journey is complicated and you have a tight schedule


What type of bus fits you?

There are an infinite amount of ways you can get your guests from A to B. We’ve seen horses, helicopters, and even elephants. 

Then you have the slightly more appropriate; party buses, themed buses and VW minibuses – as cool and unique these options seem, they are more complex and have a premium price tag.

For something as important and expensive as your wedding, simplicity is key.

At we have Budget, Standard and Luxury vehicle classes. Most couples choose either the Standard or Luxury class. It is up to your budget and personal preference which is best suited to your wedding. Click the link above to read more. 


What is included in a wedding bus rental?

Bus companies can vary in what they offer, but it’s always a good idea to opt for a provider that will include a driver, petrol, and the ability to find a back option in case anything should go wrong. We’ve got you covered here!


When should I rent my wedding bus?

With organising a Venue, rings, dress, vowels, hiring a bus is usually an afterthought.

Waiting too long to hire a wedding bus can mean not finding the right size or paying too much. Every companies price goes up and availability dries up the closer you get to a date. 

It’s always smart to book your bus 3-6 months before your wedding day. At we will always do our best to find you the perfect ride – being prepared always helps though!


What information do I need to book?

Renting a bus for your wedding is simple once you’ve decided to do it. With Rentabus you just need a few simple bits of information:

  • # of passengers 
  • to and from locations 
  • date and time of pick up and drop off
  • Which vehicle class (Elephant class not offered)
  • Any special requirements

That information is enough to get a personalised quote straight to your inbox!


Okay enough already, I’m ready to book!

At, we pride ourselves on finding you the perfect bus to get your friends and family to your wedding. Leaving you to focus on the more important things for the day. 

Use the free quote form at the top of the page to cross Organise Guest Transport off your list today!

Whether your guests arrive by horse and cart, or if you decided to book with us, we are wish you the very best for your wedding day and best of luck for the future

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