Bus Hire Auckland Price

A very common question that is asked is “what is the cost to hire a bus in auckland?” In this article we try to give you an understanding of that and provide you two examples of bus trips and their cost to help you see whether hiring a bus is the right thing for your budget. Bus hire Auckland price is a common question that we are answering below.

Cheap bus hire Auckland

You can get buses that were built in the soviet era to buses that have all the bells and whistles that 2021 brings you.  You also have school type buses and city buses, and coach style buses.  Each meeting a different purpose.  You have large buses and small ones that are needed in various situations.  The most important thing is to make sure you get the right bus for your needs, not the cheapest bus.  Let us know what you are doing and where you are going and we will match you with the right bus for the budget that you have. 

How much to hire a bus in Auckland?

There are a number of factors that have to be taken into account when determining the price of a bus for hire in Auckland. The primary factors are things such as how far is the trip in km and also the time of the trip (as the bus will most likely wait at the venue for the return trip). Secondary factors are things such as; is it after hours, what class of bus is needed, what is the size of the bus, is a major sporting event on at that time, what is the availability of buses. These all have a factor in determining the cost of the bus trip. The simplest way to get a quote is to fill our form and we will provide you an accurate quote on the cost of your coach.

Auckland is spread out and has many different bus companies that have depots in various locations. We know the locations of the various bus companies and can match your trip to the one that has the closest depot, to give you the best price.

Hens Party Bus Trip Pricing Example

This trip starts at 10am in Forest Hill, North Shore, Auckland.  The vehicle chosen is a standard vehicle, which will be a coach that will take 26 passengers up to Snells beach and then back to Auckland CBD.  The total distance is 130km.  It will stop along the way for lunch at Walkworth.  Late afternoon the bus will take the group from Snells beach to the Auckland CBD.  The price for this trip is $1245.  A few things to note:  – the bus comes with a driver and covers all expenses on the bus such as tolls, petrol, insurance etc.  Increasing the size of the bus to be able to accommodate up to 53 people will increase the cost by approximately $200.  Going luxury will also increase the price by about $200 or going to a cheap (school bus type) will reduce the price by approximately the same amount.  Many factors have to be considered for each trip, such as availability, after hours etc.   The easiest way to get an accurate price is to fill out our free quoting form and we will get the price to you within a couple of hours. 

Wedding Bus Trip Pricing Example

This trip is for a wedding that is taking place on a Saturday.  The trip is to take guest from a location in Dairy flats at 2pm (North Auckland) to Grafton in (Central Auckland).  Then the bus will take the guest home in the evening at 11pm from Grafton back to Dairy flats.  It is approximately 25km each way.  The number of guests are 50 and they are requesting a standard bus (which is a coach) for the transportation.  The price for this trip comes to $1010.  

We hope this document helps to give you an indication on the pricing for some trips.  If you want an accurate free quote, the easiest way is to fill out our quoting form and we will get back to you within a few hours.