Team activities in Christchurch

In New Zealand and beyond Christchurch is known as the “Garden City’’. This is because the city is full of parks, trees, rivers, and all other kinds of greenery. And with a population of over 350,000 Christchurch is also the largest city on the South Island. This combination of a big urban city that still has a beautiful natural environment makes for a perfect location for your next team outing. Whether you are looking for a team activity with your friends, team-building with your company, or for a day in the outdoors: Christchurch has it all! Read more to find out why Christchurch is perfect for your next team activity, and our top favorite picks of activities to do in and around Christchurch.

Why you should consider a visit to Christchurch

Filled with modern buildings right next to some of the oldest buildings in New Zealand, Christchurch has a very interesting ‘’old-meets-new’’ mix.

The Avon River also goes straight through the city, bringing a natural landscape to an otherwise urban environment. Offering a fantastic mix of sceneries and things to do, Christchurch caters to all types of in- and outdoor activities. Suited for any type of group: from team-building activities for your company to an adventurous getaway with your best friends. Basically: in Christchurch, there is something for everyone!

Our favorite team activities in Christchurch

Whether you’re looking for an active team outing, activities outdoors, or want to sniff up some culture, Christchurch has plenty to offer. We listed our top 16 team activities in and around Christchurch.

Fun & Games

Supa Karts Indoor Raceway

If you’re looking for a fun activity that guarantees lots of laughter and fun: look no further! 

Karting puts everyone in a fun, interactive environment with no worries. Well… except for one: who is going to win? This makes it a perfect activity for a fun time mixed with the edge of competition. Fun for all ages: Whether you are 10 years old or going on 60, go-karting is a fun experience for all ages.

Codebreakers Escape Room

At Codebreakers, you can choose escape rooms in various themes, from finding a hidden treasure to a real-life James Bond operation. You and your team have 60 minutes to find clues, crack codes, and resolve puzzles to complete the mission: escaping the room! Great for families, friends, team building, and really anyone looking for a team activity with a challenge. Try and beat the records of all the teams that came before you!

Laser Strike

It’s not only fun but also good exercise! Laser tag gets your adrenaline flowing and lets you experience the thrill of the chase, the satisfaction of thinking up and implementing a successful strategy together with your team, and the joy of victory! Laser tag isn’t only fun, it also makes you and your team work together towards a goal. It’s a great option for schools trips.  And what makes a better team-building activity than that?

Sporty team activities

The Roxx Climbing Centre

Have you ever wondered what the view is like from the top? Find out at The Roxx Climbing Centre! Not only is rock climbing a fun activity to do together, but you also sharpen your thinking by having to solve puzzles. Can’t figure your route out? The rock-climbing community is known to be a very accepting one. They love to help newbies out when first starting with the sport, and the instructors at The Roxx will happily show you what routes you should try and what you should avoid based on your skill level. This makes the sport ideal for beginners, but also more advanced climbers.

MegaAir Trampoline Park

Exercise is fun for everyone! It lowers stress and increases energy, making you and your team feel energised and happy. And what is more fun than bouncing around to bring out your inner child? Strengthen the camaraderie in your group while having fun (and getting in a workout at the same time) at the same time at New Zealand’s largest and most brilliant indoor trampoline park. Being only four minutes from Christchurch Airport on State highway one it’s also easily accessible. A must-see if you are on the South Island.

Delta Force Paintball Christchurch

At Delta Force Paintball you can work on team dynamics with a competitive twist. Joining forces to try to beat the other team isn’t only good for stimulating co-operation with colleagues, it’s also just fun to do with friends. And who doesn’t like a good competition? A team activity for the real adrenaline junkie at one of the world’s biggest paintball chains.

Outdoor Team activities

New England Ltd - Clay Shooting & Archery Services

New England Clay Shooting & Archery Services provide a range of outdoor activities ranging: from knife throwing to clay shooting and archery. For groups of friends to corporate team building in Canterbury near Methven and Mt Hutt Ski Area, the instructors have lots of adventurous activities to offer in a beautiful outdoor environment. Even though this activity is outside of Christchurch, we liked it so much we just had to include it in the list. Are you as enthusiastic as we are, but worried about how to get there? No need for at all! With our services, we can easily get you to your wanted destination, and back to Christchurch.

Adrenalin Forest Obstacle Course in Christchurch

A 3-hour forest obstacle course in the treetops of New Zealand. Tackle a series of challenging obstacles up to 30 meters in the air. If you feel a little bit worried now, no worries! You do get a safety harness. Enjoy hair-raising thrilling challenges including barrels, crossed logs, and the Tarzan jump! As an extra, you can hire a GoPro on-site to capture your adventure in the treetops, which you can later share with the rest of your team.

Christchurch Zipline Tour

Fly high above Christchurch on New Zealand’s longest & highest Zipline across 358 hectares in Christchurch’s stunning Port Hills. The Christchurch Adventure Zipline tour takes about 2.5 hours and has four thrilling dual-ziplines, with one being 1.1 kilometers long (NZ’s longest biplane!) And another one that is 150 meters in the sky (NZ’s highest!). Being on the outskirts of the city, the most practical way to get there is by bus. Contact us for more info on Christchurch Bus Hire.

Cultural team activities

Arts Centre Te Matatiki Toi Ora

Immerse yourself and your team in a beautiful historic experience at the Arts Centre Te Matariki Toi Ora. Featuring a range of artisan food outlets, galleries, museums, independent retailers, and education spaces, Te Matariki Toi Ora has hours of culture to offer. Over two-thirds of the site is now open to the public. If you’re looking for a team outing that’s more on the relaxed side of things, you should definitely consider the Arts Centre Te Matariki Toi Ora.

The Court Theatre

Hidden in Christchurch’s suburb of Addington is New Zealand’s largest theatre company. In its post-earthquake refuge – an old grain shed – is a magical world of happiness, laughter, drama, and intrigue, where numerous productions are staged each year. The Court Theatre is the place to sniff up some culture and have a nice relaxing evening with your team. 

Paint & Sip Studio

Wine or beer gets creative juices flowing like no other! And Paint ‘n’ Sip Studio is Christchurch’s only paint & sip studio of its kind! Start with a blank canvas and sip your way to a masterpiece. A local artist will guide you and your teammates step by step to complete your painting while socializing with friends or coworkers over a wine or beer. Fun, easy, and you definitely don’t have to be a Picasso to have a good time!

When a destination is further than walking distance, figuring how to get there can be a pain. Why not make it easier and rent a bus to your desired team activity? Our wide variety of buses will transport you to any part of New Zealand, even if you’re south of Invercargill or north of Whangarei. If you want to visit something further from home, check out Hanmer Springs