Christchurch School Trip Ideas

Planning school trips can be quite a job to organise everything. And when planning one it’s important to keep a balance between entertainment and education for the little ones. The best combination is one of education and fun, that way they’ll learn something and you’ll keep them engaged at the same time. If you’re planning a school trip in or to Christchurch, we can help you get some inspiration for activities in this blog post!

What makes Christchurch a great city for your next school trip?

Christchurch is a very interesting town for school trips or any other kinds of trips. This is because next to the urban city feel, the town is also filled with old historical buildings. The combination gives Christchurch a very interesting mix between old and new. But it’s not just concrete and flat buildings, the Avon River also goes straight through the city and this gives it some natural scenery too. So whether you want the kids to get in touch with nature or the authentic history of New Zealand: Christchurch’s got it all!  If after reading this you still need more options check out our team activities article. 

List of activities

When organising a school trip, activities are one of the most important things to arrange. You want an activity that’s fun for the kids, won’t bore you too much, and is educational as well. Plus it has to be kid-friendly. No worries! We have a few must-sees in Christchurch that are both kid and adult-friendly.

Canterbury Museum

The Canterbury Museum tells the story of Canterbury from the past to the present day. The museum features a collection of rare authentic Maori artefacts. During your visit, the kids will learn a lot about the city in the old days and what it might become in the future. A trip to Canterbury Museum, therefore, promises to educate kids on Maori history, but also give a glimpse into the future.

Wartford Grange Llama Farm

Kids generally love animals, and adults most of the time too. Watford Grange is a llama farm where the class can interact and spend time with these super entertaining animals. The farm treats the llamas great and they’re allowed to roam around free on the terrain. Next to being allowed to spend time with llamas, the kids will also learn from the experienced workers on the farms about the animals and there are options to buy or borrow llama books. And if you’re puzzled about food breaks, you can also have a picnic with the kids on the beautiful terrain of the farm. Learn all about llamas with the kids at this amazing llama sanctuary.

Mona Vale

An important part of children’s education is getting in touch with nature, unfortunately in our society that gets snowed under sometimes. Not if you pay a visit to the beautiful Mona Vale Garden! The Mona Vale is located in Christchurch, and has a beautiful water lily pond, rose gardens and a wooded area. It is also home to two historical buildings, The Homestead and Gatehouse. Let the students roam around for hours in this beautiful garden, and perhaps hold a picnic there if you’re in luck with the weather.

Christchurch Botanic Gardens

Just like the Mona Vale, the Christchurch Botanic Gardens are great to get your students more in touch with nature. With a variety of species of trees and flowers, the gardens make a great study for students interested in plants and nature in general. It is also a great place to just pause and take a picnic break, or just a short walk with the kids. Guided tours can be arranged for a small fee. Ensure that you call to book in advance so the park team can make necessary arrangements.

Cardboard Cathedral

Looking for a unique location to visit with the kids? The Cardboard Cathedral is the only cathedral in the world that is made substantially of cardboard. Designed as a replacement for the original cathedral that was badly damaged by the 2011 earthquake in Christchurch, the church offers a fascinating attraction in Christchurch that even gives a little bit of history.

International Antarctic Centre

Something what ‘s also pretty fascinating is getting to experience what the climate is like in a different country. And what’s more different than Antarctica? The International Antarctic Centre is open every day of the year and gives visitors an experiential feel of the Antarctic. Want to get caught up in a super Antarctic storm right in the middle of Christchurch? The Antarctic centre will deliver that with all the thrills and spills that come with it. Your students will even get a chance to interact with Arctic animals like penguins and huskies. The International Antarctic Centre will deliver education and entertainment at the same time.

Willobank Wildlife Reserve

Get the kids acquainted with native New Zealand animals! This is a wildlife reserve that is home to a variety of species of animals found in New Zealand. These include Kiwis, Tuatara, the Brown Teal and many more species. You can also call the park to call to book in advance and arrange for a guided tour around the park to get the kids even more educated. There is also an excellent restaurant on site. Fascinating for both adults and kids!

Are you and the kids arriving by plane?

The real adventure begins once you arrive at the airport. And if you’re a frequent traveller you already know that figuring out how to get from the airport to your destination can already be a challenge without trying to manage a class full of kids. Want some more information on Christchurch Airport, and all the options for public transportation, taxis, and bus hire? Then read our guide on airport bus hire in Christchurch.

When a destination is further than walking distance, figuring out how to get there can be a pain. And as you might know: school trips are already enough work as it is. Why not make it easier and rent a bus to get to your school trip destination? Our wide variety of buses will transport you to any part of New Zealand, even if you’re south of Invercargill or north of Whangarei.